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Fraction Collector

Fraction collector used in laboratory

1. What is fraction collector?
    1.1 Composition of the fraction collector
    1.2 Feature of fraction collector
2. Fraction collector function
3. Use of fraction collector
4. How to buy fraction collector?

What is fraction collector?

Fraction collector is an essential component for liquid chromatographs for the purpose of separation in preparative chromatography. Modern fraction collectors can automatically collect fractions according to the order of flow of components after sample separation, according to the signal of the start and end of the chromatographic peak of the instrument, or according to the time according to a pre-set program.

Fraction collector adopts new single-chip technology, which is capable of operating with the function of timing, and counting drops, and has the features of automatic reset, automatic tube counting, function indication, dynamic setting scan, six-digit digital display, easy operation, and a wide range of use, etc. It is an ideal instrument for biological research, drug analysis, agricultural research, chemical, food, and medical fields.

In the laboratory of scientific research, medical treatment, colleges and universities, and factories and mines for liquid chromatography layer analysis, the fraction collector can automatically time and count drop fraction sampling and collection of chromatography solution, thus replacing manual operation to achieve automatic sampling and collection, improving collection quality and work efficiency.

Composition of the fraction collector

A. Base

The base includes the lower cover, upper cover, switching power supply, and interface. A lower cover as a support body, a switching power supply on the left side of the rear panel of the lower cover, and an upper cover covering the top of the lower cover.

B. Solution control system

The solution control system includes an omission catch tray and a solenoid valve group. The omission catch tray is fixed to the upper hood with the left side higher than the right side and the bottom side inclined toward the right side, and the solenoid valve set consists of two three-way solenoid valves.

C. Collection rack

The collection rack includes a collection rack body, a collection tube, a pallet, an orifice plate, and a pin. The collection shelf body is a rectangular type integral bracket, which passes through the port pin of the omission catch plate to fix the collection shelf body on the upper cover. The pallet is a flat stainless-steel plate fixed on the collection shelf body. The orifice plate is a flat stainless-steel plate with holes of various diameters in the middle. The orifice plate is fixed to the collection shelf body.

D. Lifting device

E. Transverse movement device

F. Longitudinal movement device

Feature of fraction collector

a. Collection function. The instrument has the function of automatic collection, arbitrary selection, precise positioning of tube change, collection of tube change without deviation, etc.

b. Timing function. The instrument with collection time, inverted, smooth timing arbitrary selection, free interchangeable with the same specification test tube tray, without the need for the number in place and other functions.

c. Parameter setting function. The instrument is able to set the parameters arbitrarily for the first and last tubes.

d. The instrument uses a fluid shut-off valve. The test tube tray is resistant to organic solvents.

e. The instrument is connected to a special COM interface, which can be used in conjunction with the control of constant current pump.

f. The material of the instrument is fully enclosed environmental protection type polymer high strength ABS material. One injection mold molding.

g. Easy to control without bending down, ergonomic design.

Fraction collector function

The fraction collector is one of the basic types of equipment for biochemistry experiments and biopharmaceutical production. It is used to collect the droplets flowing out of the chromatographic column automatically and quantitatively for the purpose of loading different active components into different test tubes.

The chromatographic solution can be collected automatically in fractions by a fraction collector, and manual operation is replaced, resulting in increased work efficiency. Fraction collector for column chromatography, together with the nucleic acid protein detector/UV detector, constant flow pump, chromatographic column, and data workstation, form a liquid chromatography separation chromatography system. ANTITECK automatic fraction collector has been comprehensively upgraded, using a new microcomputer chip, automatic timing collection, drop counting collection, recording peak sampling collection chromatography solution, to achieve automatic sampling collection, improve collection quality and work efficiency.

If only simple control functions are used, it does not fully utilize the fraction collector. Therefore, the use of microcontroller technology can further improve the level of automation control of the counter-current chromatograph, and the development of integrated control of counter-current chromatograph speed, temperature & input, and output channels. By developing a counter-current chromatography such as temperature detection, display, overrun alarm, DC motor speed detection, and control, the resulting centrifugal force field is formed to support the liquid phase in the column.
At this time, if another layer of the solvent system is used as the mobile phase, with the mixed sample pushed into the separation column by pump pressure, the sample will pass through the entire column space where the two liquid phases are convected, and the individual components will be separated according to their distribution coefficients in the two phases. High-speed counter-current chromatography takes advantage of this unidirectional distribution characteristic of the two phases. At high spiral tube rotation speeds, if the first phase is fed from the tail end, it will move through the tail end phase and toward the head end, and similarly, if the tail phase is fed from the head end phase, it will move through the head end phase and toward the tail end of the spiral tube.

The multi-layer coil separator column and balancer of the fraction collector simultaneously move around the central axis in a clockwise or counter-clockwise planetary motion, which means that the multi-layer coil separator column and balancer itself are both rotating on their own and rotating around the central axis on the same time, and the rotational speed can be from 0-4000r/min. In the fraction collector, the coil separation column is pulled out by the hollow central shaft at the same time, with one end for pumping in liquid and one end for outputting liquid. The instrument works with two immiscible liquids, one phase as the stationary phase and one phase as the mobile phase. The mobile phase carries the sample in the coil separation column for an infinite number of distributions to separate complex samples. When the mobile phase passes through the detector, as different sample components produce different size signals, the counter-current chromatography spectrum can be obtained with the recorder, while the mobile phase is collected in steps with the fraction collector to obtain the components of the complex sample being separated. The control of the operating speed of the counter-current chromatography has an important influence on the full use of the counter-current chromatography. In addition, the working temperature of the instrument needs to be controlled because the change in temperature will cause the distribution coefficient of the sample in the solvent system to change.

The fraction collector is equipped with LCD super large blue film extremely clear display, new microcomputer chip control, unique collection plate digital marking design, with industry-leading quality. Each tube corresponds to 1 number to ensure that the tube is taken by the right number, collected automatically, collected without deviation, and positioned for a tube change.

The fraction collector is easy to carry. It also has a rugged construction suitable for harsh environments, a time-delayed start for timed sampling or external pulse-controlled sampling, and an adjustable sampling volume with repeatable settings.

Use of fraction collector

a. Please put on gloves and goggles before handling the solvent and sample. Splashing solvent in the eyes may cause blindness. If the solvent is splashed in the eyes, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately.

b. Protective gloves need to be put on before holding toxic or biologically infectious samples. Broken reservoirs are not allowed to be used. If a helium degasser is used, the pressure inside the bottle may cause the bottle to rupture, which may cause the bottle to burst and cause injury.

c. Flammable sprays like hairspray and insecticide are not allowed to be used around the instrument because they can ignite and cause a fire.

d. During installation, the total weight in combination with other components needs to be taken into account. In order to support the total weight of the system, it is necessary to have a sufficiently solid bench for the installation of the instrument. The bench must be level, stable and deep, otherwise, the instrument may tip over or fall from the bench.

e. When installing the instrument, you need to pay attention to prevent the system components from pinching your fingers.

f. It is forbidden to install the instrument in a place where there is corrosive gas or a lot of dust. Otherwise, the performance of the instrument will be affected by these unfavorable factors and its service life will be shortened.

g. The instrument should be grounded in order to avoid electric shock caused by accidents or electric leakage and to ensure stable operation of the instrument.

h. Prohibit the placement of heavy objects on the power cord, and the power cord cannot be close to any heated object, otherwise, the power cord will be damaged, thus making fire, electric shock, or failure.

i. The power cord cannot be changed. Prohibit excessive bending or stretching of the power cord, otherwise it will cause damage to the power cord, resulting in fire, electric shock or failure.

j. It is recommended to install the instrument in a well-ventilated room. The solvents used to collect the fractions are generally toxic and flammable, and solvent vapors can cause poisoning or combustion.

k. Open flames are prohibited in the area around the apparatus. The solvents used to collect the fractions are generally toxic and flammable. To prevent fire, do not install any other equipment that can or may emit sparks in the room where the instrument is installed, and a fire extinguisher should be provided.

l. Protective equipment should be provided around the instrument so that if a solvent is splashed on the skin or in the eyes, it must be flushed immediately. Protective equipment, such as eye rinses and safety showers, should be located very close to the instrument.

How to buy fraction collector?

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