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What Is Centrifuge Machine?

Posted on May 25, 2022 by AntiTeckAntiTeck

What is the centrifuge machine?


The centrifuge machine is a mechanical device which utilize centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particle or the mix ingredients from two different fluid. It also can separate two liquid which they are have different density and they are undissolved each other, for example, we can separate the cream from the milk. The dehydration process of the washing machine is also using the principle of centrifugal.

Applications of centrifuge machine

Centrifugal machine has been used in various of fields such as petroleum, pharmaceutical,chemical,food,coal,water-treatment and so on.And the centrifugal machine is a necessary device in the field of Clinical Medicine and Biochemistry and immunology.

Types of centrifuge machine

As the centrifuge machine is very popular, there are so many types of centrifugal machine on the market. We can divide into five kinds of centrifugal machine according to their different categories:

Structure: Desk centrifugal machine and Vertical/Floor centrifugal machine
Segregation pattern: Filter centrifuge and decanting centrifuge
Velocity : Low speed/High speed/Ultra centrifugal machine
Capacity: Mini centrifuge machine, Small capacity centrifuge, Large capacity centrifuge and ultra-large capacity centrifuge.
Frozen function: Refrigerated centrifuge and normal temperature centrifuge
Purpose: Blood centrifuge machine,Industrial centrifuge, Oil centrifuge machine, Sugar centrifugal machine, Hematocrit centrifuge machine and so on
Strong practicability: Tubular bowl centrifuge, Disc centrifuge, Horizontal spiral centrifuge, Plate centrifuge.

Although there so many kinds of centrifugal machine to be choose,the centrifugal machines in the kinds of strong practicability are the most common centrifuge on the market because they can satisfy the demand of material separation among major industry. In addition,Mini centrifugal is also popular.

Features of major centrifuge machine

1. Tubular bowl centrifuge


Material: 304/316L/2205 and other food grade stainless steel
Structure: Vertical/Floor
Attribute: High speed precision separation
Applicable object: Plastic, Grain, Petroleum, Grit, Pharmaceutical
Application: Food, oil-water separation, Chemical industry, Metallurgy
Electrical power: 1.5-4(kw)
Advantages: High rotation speed, speed up to 1000o-30000dmin.
Wide usage.
Apply to solid content less than 1%, solid particles smaller than 5 pm and the density contrast is very small between solid and liquid
Disadvantage: Batch operation
Small volume, we should clean the sediment frequently.

2. Disc centrifuge


Material: 304/316L/2205 and other food grade stainless steel
Structure: Vertical/Floor
Attribute: Normal speed precision separation
Applicable object: Dairy degreasing, Oral liquid separation,Solid-liquid clarification of fruit juice drinks
Application: Food,Pharmaceutical,Chemical
Electrical power: 4-18.5(kw)
Advantages: Progress steadily, High volume, Fully automatic cooling seal
Disadvantage: The separated liquid is no as clarification as the tubular bowl centrifuge

3. Horizontal centrifuge


Material: 304/316L/2205 and other food grade stainless steel
Structure: Horizontal
Attribute: Normal speed precision separation
Applicable object: Plant extraction, Juice purification and pulp fiber, Soybean peanut wheat and other plants and animals white separation, plant starch, sewage treatment
Application area: Food,Pharmaceutical,Chemical,Petroleum,water-treatment
Electrical power: 22-37(kw)
Advantages: Stronger capacity in separation results
Disadvantage: Large in size
Difficult to carry

4. Plate centrifuge


Material: 304/316L/2205 and other food grade stainless steel
Structure: Horizontal
Attribute: Normal speed precision separation
Applicable object: Solid-liquid crystal separation,Fibrous material separation
Application area: Textile industry, Mechanical industry, Food,Chemical
Electrical power: 7.5-30(kw)
Advantages: Rational construction,Eliminate hygiene dead spots,convenient for cleaning
Disadvantage: Application field is not common as the other three

5. Mini centrifuge machine


Structure: Vertical
Attribute: High speed precision separation
Applicable object: Blood,Biology,Animal clinic,Laboratory
Application area: Textile industry, Food,Chemical
Electrical power: 20w
Advantages: Easy to carry,Low noise,
Disadvantage: Small capacity.

The installation requirements of centrifuge machine

  1. Make sure the power supply and voltage accord with the National standard which is within +10%, you should use the voltage stabilizer if the voltage fluctuation is higher than the standard.
  2. The power supply wiring should meet the requirements
  3. The ground should be flat and firm to ensure centrifugal machine working normally
  4. Put the centrifugal in a clean,dry and non-corrosive environment, it is a way to prevent be affected with damp.
  5. After using centrifugal machine,you should switch off the electrical power.

How to use centrifuge machine?

No matter what kinds of centrifuge machine you are using, the following points are the basic operation procedure:
1. Before you use different centrifugal machine,you should balance the centrifugal tube and its contents,the weight difference shall not exceed the prescribed limit in each instruction book.
2. When you load the solution, you should accord with the each specific operating instructions of different centrifuges.You must not put too much material in it so that it can keep the balance and resistant to rust
3. If you want to running the machine at a temperature below room temperature,the rotary head should be placed in the refrigerator or the rotary head room of the centrifuge for pre-cooling before use.
4. As the machine is working, you can not leave ,you should observe the centrifugal machine working normally or not.If there is any abnormal sound, you should turn off the electrical power and check it.

Precaution of centrifuge machine

  1. If the centrifugal machine is in pre-cooling, the lid should be closed.
  2. After tightening the head cover,you should touch whether there is a gap between the lid and centrifuge-head.If there is a gap, you should tightening again and make sure is no gap before starting the device.
  3. If the centrifugal machine is used in the laboratory,you should be carefully condition of this device,if it is shifting while working,the machine may fall off the table.Therefore,you should replace tube pad in time.
  4. After the separation ,you should close the centrifuge at firstly,and then waiting the machine stop rotating,you can take out the sample.
  5. You should have a special safety precautions when you separate the toxic pollution samples.

Maintenance of centrifuge machine

  1. Only can be used water and soft-detergents to clean the centrifugal machine.
  2. Keep the rotor chamber dry to avoid the motor bearing wearing.
  3. You should have a special safety precautions when you separate the toxic pollution samples.
  4. In generally, all the conventional disinfectant can be used If you want to sterilize the centrifuge.However, considerate the centrifugal machine and its accessory are made of different materials, we should take into account the compatibility of sanitizer.

How to order centrifuge machine?

Please contact our sale representative via email: [email protected] or fill out the below contact form, we will respond within 24 hours. Please attach your basic information to the email.

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